A well managed website is one that is up-to-date. Besides designing and developing business websites, Netweb group offers site management services also.

Your Website is the front door to your business on the Internet. It is an extension in cyberspace that allows you to create Virtual Communities with your customers, suppliers, employees, and friends.

Dynamic content is maintained through the use of fresh data and information. Links need to be periodically checked and validated. We at Netweb group have been doing, and continue to do this with committed professionalism and technical acumen.

Besides management we make regular changes to the appearance and style of the site.  Check that all links and information presented are kept current and valid. Track and renew search engine registrations regularly. Manage counters and/or log files. Analyze logs or convert them to spreadsheet or other easily usable format for the client to analyze. Convert your new marketing ideas into web format. Backup the files on your site on regular basis. 



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