Payments and Money Transfers

Pay2mate Inc., is a  three year old   Digital  Payment  Company   based in Katy, Texas in  the  USA.  The Company  has developed a suite of Digital Banking products which can be easily integrated with any banking partner, business or consumer to empower them end users to securely perform their banking and other financial transactions. We also provide an API to generate these transactions securely and efficiently.

Our  promoters have  a combined working  experience of   30  years in the Payments, Finance and Banking industry.

Our suite of products are listed below:

  • Digital e-Check Payments to bank customers                    
  • International Payments using IBANs
  • Direct US Bank Deposits using ACH         
  • Merchant Accounts for Businesses

We have partnered the following providers to integrate needed features into our products:

  • Identity Verification          
  • Account Verification                 
  • ACH Transaction Processing
  • IBAN-Accounts                      
  • Credit Card Merchant Accounts
  • Cross Border Transfers

IT Service and Support for Companies

From testing software to web development, there are a series of roles that might require your company to hire offshore IT specialists. In this technological day and age, there are seldom businesses that don’t require technical support and software specialists to keep themselves afloat. After all, every company needs to have a website or an app, and those cannot be powered without the help of a quality IT staff. With us, you are not outsourcing technical support – you are still in complete control of hiring and overseeing any tech support role for your business! With that said, we will assist you in the process for the following roles:

  • Cloud Software Developers
  • Database Engineers
  • Mobile Developers
  • Security Specialists
  • Network Engineers
  • IT Consultants
  • And many more!

Hiring a tech support team for your company can be costly, especially if your current location doesn’t currently have the space to host an entire department. Either way, skilled senior programmers and developers in any industry is needed to make sure that any technical aspect of how the company is run – whether it is on the back end or through user experience – is taken care of. With the assistance of Remote Team Solutions, you can hire offshore IT workers to help your company – all at a reduced cost to you.

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