Placement of software consultants at client sites is done within the frame work which ensures an appropriate match of talent at client sites but also guarantees complete client satisfaction.

The pool of skills available in InfoDyne is being continuously upgraded through addition of new talent and training. Some of the generic skills currently available include:

Languages & scripts: Java, XML, HTML, Perl, C++, C, PL/SQL, ASP 

Middleware: Tuxedo

Database: Oracle, SQL Server 

Standards & protocols: CORBA, IIOP, EJB, JDBC, ODBC, COM /DCOM 

Web Servers: Apache, IIS, and Netscape Enterprise.

Operating Systems: Windows NT, HP-UX, SOLARIS, and AIX.

Application servers: Weblogic & Netscape Application ServerIn addition to the generic skills, we are constantly acquiring new skills through our association with technology partners.  




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